Dog Bites with Steve Brooks, The Book


As a Celebrity Dog Trainer, Steve will teach you how to train your dog using gourmet, healthy dog bites (the good kind!) your human family will love! Steve is a world-renowned Celebrity Dog Trainer, Canine Behavioral Expert and talented cook who will show you how to make amazing human meals that you can safely share “bites” of with your dog and use as rewards for good behavior. Steve believes that every dog should know a set of real-life manners using positive reinforcement without the use of threats or force.

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Perfect for Foodies & Dog Lovers!

Professional Dog Trainer, Steve Brooks (C.P.D.T. /K.A.) shares secrets to modifying canine behavior without the use of threats or force. Discover HOW to train your dog using gourmet, healthy dog bites (the good kind!) as rewards for good behavior!

Steve Brooks is a master at creative, positive, science-based reward training methods with terrific results and has been training dogs for over 20 years using “dog bites” to correctly train thousands of dogs with lasting results.

DOG BITES with Steve Brooks uses food as an effective training tool. In this book, you will discover what is safe and unsafe to feed your dog while learning how to modify your favorite meals to share with your pup! While Steve cooks recipes from Organic Turkey Meatballs, Sweet Pup-Tato Fries to Chicken Pup-Pie, he shares what is safe and delicious for canine consumption. He also demonstrates the health benefits and dangers of many human foods.

Featured as a dog training expert in Marley & Me (Blu-Ray DVD), Steve shares stories of celebrities with the same issues we all encounter and will teach YOU… How to train your dog using dog bites (the good kind!) your human family will love!

  • Contrary to popular belief, FOOD can be the best way to build trust and bond with your four-legged family member!
  • Discover how to modify K9 behavior with Steve’s Positive Training Tactics
  • Learn how to use food (and many other rewards) to correctly train your dog
  • Teach your dog to: walk without pulling on the leash, come, stay, tricks…and more!
  • Reduce fear, food-guarding, and aggression issues
  • Know which foods are safe and unsafe; foods can heal or harm your dog
  • Train your dog to take food gently right out of your hand!

Even if you don’t have a dog, this book is filled with tasty, amazing and healthy—even vegan—recipes your human family will adore!

Steve Brooks is a world-renowned Certified Professional Dog Trainer (C.P.D.T. /K.A.), Canine Behavioral Expert, and talented cook who will show you how to make amazing human meals that you can safely share “bites” of with your dog as rewards for good behavior.

9 reviews for Dog Bites with Steve Brooks, The Book

  1. BARKS from the Guild, July 2015

    In Dog Bites, Steve Brooks has crafted an intriguing mix of behavior, training, recipes (both human and canine), celebrity dog owners and Chinese medicine in an informative, light-hearted package with a serious, educational message. Advocating the rationale behind positive reinforcement training from the get-go, Brooks neatly segues into a lengthy list of “dog bites,” i.e. tasty treats designed to make a dog even more motivated during training. By using analogies such as dogs being motivated by praise, salary and promotion just like humans are, Brooks makes the science of behavior accessible to even the most novice dog owner. He also details all the places such training can be practiced (during walks, prior to mealtimes etc.) and reveals some neat tricks such as stuffing a hotdog down a short length of hosepipe for a dog to lick or sniff when trying to redirect his attention during stressful situations. Elsewhere, Brooks discusses the importance of management in behavior problems, extols the virtues and mechanics of clicker training, and explains the basics of dog training while simultaneously debunking the alpha/dominance myth. Luring, targeting, de- sensitization and counterconditioning are all explained in a way that makes them easy to understand for any dog owner, whether or not they are schooled in the terminology of behavior. Brooks also includes a section on aggression and fear which covers common issues such as resource guarding and leash reactivity, and explains the accompanying body language and facial expressions Onto the food section, where Brooksoutlines what to look for in terms of nutrition in the food we buy for our dogs, the virtues of various feeding regimes and includes a useful, comprehensive list of foods that are harmful to dogs. The IOO-page recipe section is impressive in its variety, with treats and meals ranging from apple sauce, baked squash, cauliflower with bacon, salmon pate and barbecue oysters to buffalo burgers, chicken soup and mutt meatloaf. Some recipes are for canines only, some for humans only and some for both. Brooks includes plenty of colorful photos to accompany his culinary creations, making them all the more enticing. Next come some handy tips on canine illness and first aid and even a foray into traditional Chinese medicine,Ayurveda and essential oils. Believe it or not, but who could resist finding out whether their dog is vata, pitta or kapha? Towards the end of the book, Brooks relates some amusing tales from his years of training dogs, including those of celebrities such as Robert Downeer. and Sheryl Crow.There is even a secret solution for skunk spray which will have any dog smelling as fresh as a daisy afterwards. Rounding it all out with some information on tricks and fun games for dogs and children, Brooks has created something charming and unusual that covers a wealth of topics and information.With recipes guaranteed to be an inspiration for anyone involved in dog training, whether professionally or as a pet owner, and the focus on positive reinforcement and its application to a variety of behavioral issues, Dog Bites is a fun, educational read guaranteed to leave the reader with a broader knowledge than when they started.

  2. Chris Cauble, DVM

    I really appreciate Steve’s ability to work with difficult patients that other trainers decline. He seems to enjoy challenges and tailor-suits his training methods to fit each individual pet. His approach is holistic – involving not only training the pet and educating the owner – but also teaching about the environment, husbandry, nutritional, and veterinary aspects of his cases.

  3. Cheryl Tiegs (supermodel/actress)

    Steve Brooks is a wonderful trainer. I have referred many friends to him. He has worked with two of my dogs and turned them into proper ladies with impeccable manners. I think Steve is the best!

  4. DeniseFleck

    The way to a man’s heart is through his stomach, but that’s also the path to forever commitment from your dog! LOL In "Dog Bites," Steve Brooks, a renowned obedience trainer, shares exceptional tips on teaching manners as well as yummy recipes to help enforce the lessons. Being a Pet First Aid & Safety Instructor myself, I emphasize the importance of teaching pets manners to help prevent injuries from ever happening, but…Steve also hit on another high note in this book by sharing which foods are dog safe! Human and canine bodies are not alike, so educating yourself by reading this informative book may help you become your dog’s best friend!

  5. Lori_Alan

    I LOVE STEVE BROOKS! And this latest book, Dog Bites!! It is BEYOND helpful for healthy, delicious, human recipes that you can share with your canine babies!! Invaluable, out of the box, healthy ways to train your dogs that have lasting benefits for your health, their health, obedience, training and making sure your dog is a member of the family using brilliant, positive reinforcement, with knowing things like: which foods are dangerous? Which foods are good for weight maintenance, bad breath, mood disorders, recovering from cancer, AND all while learning so much about how YOU can be a better parent:-) Steve gives you every possible scenario; from behavior challenges to health challenges, and how to give "bite sizes" of your healthy human food to set your dog up for everlasting success. Both my boys were trained by Steve, and as a result they got over everything from motion sickness, child fear aggression, submissive and compulsive behaviors (that other vets said would require medication!) so that we ALL were set up for success!! He has made my kids real gentleman, lovely to babysit (happily crate trained), and vets are always so thrilled to see/examine them because of their great disposition. Who knew that Fennel helps with Harry’s breath and digestion?!? OR Banana chips and roasted chicken are healthy delicious meals we can share, that make ME look like a rockstar in the kitchen:-))) Thank you Steve for helping so many with your recipes, love and sharing your true calling.

  6. Anonymous

    There is really no other book out there like this! If you want to safely feed your dog AND yourself a healthy balanced diet, it’s all in this book. The recipes are simple yet fun to cook, anyone can follow along. No need to be a chef, but your dog will think you’re one.

  7. Fido Friendly

    DOG BITES by Steve Brooks, Certified Professional Dog Trainer- a FIDO favorite that will have you drooling along with FIDO! This time of year we spend hours cooking and feasting. Steve Brooks, world-renown celebrity dog trainer, canine behaviorist expert, and talented cook, has published a deliciously decadent cookbook for dogs and their people! DOG BITES combines Steve’s love of cooking with his 20 years of training expertise to create recipes that foodies will love and their canines can share. Steve’s training methods feature bites of food, as well as other positive reinforcement. He gives readers scientific explanations of which foods are beneficial for their pups and which are harmful. Many brilliant training tips are wedged in between the tasty recipes. A few of the goodies in the book: Organic Turkey Meatballs, Sweet Pup-Tato Fries, Chicken Pup-Pie, and Blueberry Coffee Cake. The photos alone will make you and your pooch drool – see more and how to order your today!

  8. Animal Wellness

    Training your dog can be tricky at times. But success is far more likely if you use positive, reward-based methods that include highly-valued foods and treats as an incentive for good behavior. Steve Brooks is a dog trainer and canine behavioral expert who focuses on creative, positive, science-based reward training methods. In his new book Dog Bites with Steve Brooks, he teaches you how to train your dog using healthy gourmet treats you can make yourself — and share with your whole family, four-legged and two-legged. The book opens with chapters on reward-based training and positive training tactics. There are many interesting tips and suggestions about canine cuisine, followed by a section of tasty and nutritious recipes that can be fed as meals or portioned into irresistible bite-sized training treats. Useful tidbits on canine health and holistic medicine, exercise, and tricks helps round out the book.

  9. Reynolds

    Best book I’ve seen so far on how to make healthy dog treats using readily available ingredients.

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