Randy, Palm Desert

5 Stars are not a high enough rating for Steve’s Professional and compassionate assistance with Roy, “The Beagle”.

Roy was involved in a “1 in a Million” biting incident where he was manhandled and completely provoked into snapping by a stranger.

The stranger admitted being at fault but still filed a claim with my insurance company.

Of Course, it is all insurance company’s standard policy to cancel or not renew a homeowner’s policy if a bite claim has been made. My only options were to remove Roy from our home or lose our insurance.

Removing Roy was not a choice we could ever have made.

I desperately searched for a “miracle” solution.

I was hopeful that requesting an additional review of the circumstances regarding Roy’s incident and furnishing a certified / experienced professional evaluation of Roy’s demeanor was the only possible option for a change in the insurance policy cancellation.

I did a lot of “Googling” and found several experts on Dog behavior and propensity to bite again after a self-defence provoked incident. They recommended Steve as he was close enough to come to the house and evaluate Roy.

Steve spent 2 hours reading the Animal Control Reports, getting to know Roy and challenging Roy’s demeanor in multiple situations like taking food away, physically moving him, playing with him and trying to provoke a negative / aggressive response.

Steve was professionally satisfied that Roy’s incident was truly a 1 in a million response to extreme physical provocation by a stranger.

He wrote a 5 page thoroughly professional report which I submitted to the Insurance Company.

After a 10 day multiple stage review by the Insurance Company I was ecstatic to learn we would not be cancelled and Roy could remain at home with us.

There is no question that Steve’s professional evaluation is the reason for our policy’s re-consideration and positive outcome.

There is simply no higher praise than we can give to Steve Brooks.

Randy, Palm Desert


Randy, Palm Desert