Nicole Cork

Steve literally saved our dog’s life. She was my mother-in-law’s dog, but her barking, biting and territorial behavior were so bad that my mother-in-law’s new husband couldn’t stand her. Without Steve’s miraculous success in changing our dog’s behavior, she probably would have been put down (she even tried to bite the vet!)

– Nicole Cork

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Ryan Mondillo

Thanks to Steve Brooks, my dog Rocco performs on command. I can put a perfectly cooked filet mignon in front of him and he will not budge. Steve is the best!

– Ryan Mondillo

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Steve Brooks understands how to get you and your dog to come to an understanding and he does it without harsh words or actions. It is reward based training instead of correction based training and the results can be immediate! We noticed a difference after the first session and now our dog is much better behaved and easier to have around guests and tables with food! The business that Steve built is one of true caring and serious training – he’s the best!

– Danielle

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Eleanor Ord

Steve at K9U works miracles with dogs AND their owners. His firm but compassionate training helped make our problem dogs into the envy of the neighborhood. And Steve’s free follow up sessions made sure we stayed on track. Two paws up!

– Eleanor Ord

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Karen Betzold

Steve wastes no time in getting to work and making dogs work! Amazing the confidence he helped me gain in my dog’s ability to be a great dog!

– Karen Betzold

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Ms. Hobert

I found Steve extremely professional and wonderful with the dogs. I trust his ability and appreciate his kindness to my pet. He is a natural!

– Ms. Hobert

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Paula & Tim Moynihan

They treated our dogs like kings, plus they both learned a tremendous amount. Steve is someone I trust implicitly!!! K9U is truly the best!

– Paula & Tim Moynihan

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Jenna Friedenberg, Andrew Gues

We have never been happier with any kind of service ever than we are with Fergus’ training. He’s such a good boy now. We took him to a cafe the other day, put him in a down, and he was perfect. We took him on a hike. He’s incredible. And we’re 1000 times happier for it. So thank you. So much.

– Jenna Friedenberg, Andrew Gues

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Blanche Blatt

My family has had several dogs over the years trained by Steve and they are great! He has also helped with random problems and always been successful. We’ve had experiences with other trainers and Steve is by far the most professional and loving with the dogs.

– Blanche Blatt

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I don’t know exactly how he does it, but he just has an amazing connection and touch with all dogs that I’ve seen him train. And I saw quite a few, as I used to work for him.

– Eeva

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