Chris Cauble

I really appreciate Steve’s ability to work with difficult patients that other trainers decline. He seems to enjoy challenges, and tailor suits his training methods to fit each individual pet. His approach is holistic, involving not only training the pet and educating the owner, but also teaching about the environment, husbandry,nutritional and veterinary aspects of his cases.

– Chris Cauble, DVM

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Tony McEwing

Hey Steve! I say you’re the best and Dexter agrees!!!!

– Tony McEwing
Fox-11 News

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Danielle Butler

K9-U is simply the best. After observing the best trained dog I had ever seen at an outdoor cafe, my boyfriend and I immediately asked the owner where or how the dog was trained. That’s how we found out about K9-U. The guy alays carried extra K9-U cards on him because so many people had asked about the training. We made an appointment and took our 6 year old Italian Greyhound to Steve. We saw a difference after just ONE visit. Steve has a gift with dogs and from the first moment we arrived, we felt very comfortable with the environment and training methods. There is no yelling or harsh correcting – the training is based on rewards and we noticed how quickly and effectively that method worked. Although our IG is not as nervous or frightened as others I have seen from that breed, he did feel the need to be touching us at all times. Steve explained that we needed to give him more confidence and praise him for his self-reliant behavior instead of coddling him when he was out of his element. He is now much calmer and listens much better. I have recommended K9-U to everyone and anyone who asks. I feel we have a much more satisfying relationship with our pup now that he is a better trained dog. He has always been a sweet loving dog but now he is one who can heel on command and be trusted around hors d’oeuvres on the coffee table – at least most of the time! Steve offers refresher classes once a month for no extra charge so we always feel as if we are up-to-date. Go see him – you will love the results!

– Danielle Butler

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Cheryl Tiegs

Steve Brooks is a wonderful trainer. I have referred many friends to him. He has worked with two of my dogs and turned them into proper ladies with impeccable manners. I think Steve is the best.

– Cheryl Tiegs

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Our dog had trouble being on his own and also had a few issues with stealing snacks from plates. After our four session training with Steve, G became a well adjusted and calmer dog. He could sit quietly while food was being prepared or when we were away from him for a moment. He listens and pays attention to us more and despite being an “older” dog, has even learned some new tricks. We, as people, were treated with respect and were shown how to “communicate” better with our dog. We were thrilled to have such quick and lasting results! Steve is an excellent trainer and his company provides everything you need to continue that training.


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Anne Stinnett

I work with steve at k9u and I have never seen a dog leave without showing vast improvement! The combination of skill, communication and love at K9U has never failed to reach any dog, no matter how hopeless the case first appeared.

– Anne Stinnett

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Leo Lavey

Steve’s ability and experience in dog training is unmatched. I would recommend him wholeheartedly to anyone that wants a well behaved and happy dog. I can not say enough wonderful things about my experience with Steve.

– Leo Lavey

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J.D. O’Malley

In one session, we were able to curb our pups pulling on walks (something we just couldn’t get him to do) and were able to master the basic commands. All of the insights Steve provides have been tremendously helpful and we can’t recommend Steve Brooks K9U enough!

– J.D. O’Malley

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Issac Bedonna

Steve Brooks truly GIVES 110% when working with dogs and educating the owners. A good heart here too. He handles our little Papillon well but I’ve seen him also work with large troubled dogs. Steve does the spectrum. Countless success stories here from pampered pooch to that unfortunate rescue dog.

– Issac Bedonna

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They’re fabulous and responsive! Always eager to hear about any problems you may be having with your dog and figure out ways to correct it.

– Mari

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